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Social Media Management

We will create engaging posts specific to your service and branding, and maintain your pages across the platforms of your choice. Engagement means we can advise potential clients of the services you offer, and direct them how to contact you.

Promo Materials

Calendars, magnets, business cards, t-shirts.. The list is endless on products we can work closely together on to get your brand out there.

Review Monitoring

To ensure your clients know you are listening, we will monitor and respond online to reviews and feedback that is submitted. Working closely with your management team to ensure once a resolution is found it is reflected online. 


We will work with you to create a recognizable online presence to help your followers stop scrolling when they see you've posted content.Strong branding means you will be easier to recognize

Video production

Giving clients a walk through of your facility? Have valuable information to share? I can film, edit and post videos or photos for you! Alternatively, submit your videos for editing, branding and posting across platforms. 

All services can be performed remotely with the exception of filming/ photography services. All prices are custom based on the extent of the projects and are to be determined upon inquiry 

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