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Behind the screen

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Hi, I'm Rebecca

I've been in the veterinary industry for close to 7 years. I've held many roles during my journey - from kennel staff, reception, vet tech student to fully licensed Registered Veterinary Technologist. I started managing social media for the hospital I was employed at during my working hours on the hospital floor. I found that media, design and marketing was something I was passionate about, and a great creative outlet. 


I understand how difficult it is to stay connected to your clients online when your primary concern is the work, patients or clients in front of you. I wanted to find a way to pursue my new passion and continue matching clients with the business/services that spoke to them and their lifestyle. 

ToeBean Media was born 

Although I'd been managing social media, marketing & design casually, it was time to commit more time and structure to this endeavour

I'm more than excited to work with businesses to match them with their potential clients! It's not about convincing clients that they need you in their lives, it's about showing them WHO you are, which results in them choosing your services. 

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